Give New Edge to Your Business With Dye Sublimation Printing Process

Dye-sublimation is a unique yet cost-effective printing process. It is simple, easy, and fast process that yields uncompromising quality pictures accommodating brilliantly with your picture needs. Printing business owners can relax and revive their business growth effectively and efficiently now. Before you move further, it is better to know what actually Dye Sublimation process is all about.

Its advanced stage printing process helps in applying images onto coated ceramics, metals, polyester cloth, and etc. This is done with the help of three main ingredients such as heat, pressure, and sublimation ink. If you want to print on mugs, license plates or other hard surface items then this printing process is the ultimate solution. The biggest aspect of using it is that helps businesses to widen their business market worldwide. Now no need to stick to the traditional style of printing instead you can make utmost use of this advanced technology.

Sublimation ink is efficient and economical in its own way as involves conversion from solid to gas state shedding liquid state completely. Its conversion is carried out by heat which is simply controlled with pressure and time. When you apply sublimation inks on hard items such as ceramic, fiber board, or metals then a special coating is required. It is advisable to purchase mugs, tiles, metals, and etc., which are already coated. It is not something which you can do it on your own way. Several sources are there from where you can buy these precious sublimatable blanks. Printing business owners or other industries can buy dye sublimation inks from branded companies like Epson, HP, Lexmark, and Oki Data for their sublimating printing needs. And one more thing, you will not get the sublimation inks along with printers. You have to buy either from the company itself or other relevant sources. They also supply heat transfer paper here, but without coating. Make sure that the ink will not soak into the paper as it has a special finishing surface. Once you over with all this, finally you place the printed transfer paper on the product which is going to be used with a heat press machine. The heat press machine is available in all sizes and types in the market. This is how the whole thing goes through. So, all these aspects needed to be taken care off from your end while you shop.

The need of Dye-sublimation printers is on high because businesses want to give new quality images or pictures to the customers with great service and friendliness. So, what you are waiting for?

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