Battery And Ups Dealers in Chennai

Sri Shakthi Batteries, all type of batteries, inverters, UPS in Chennai, K.K Nagar, Virugambakkam. We have Amaron, Exide, Tata Green, Su-Kam, Microtek, Luminous, SF Sonic batteries. Many companies are advertising products with contemptible rate and paramount qualities. So, you have numerous Abundance in promote for inverters and batteries in the market. We retailing and convey the electronic products such as inverters, UPS, batteries and stabilizers to customers or some corporate companies. We are having more branches overall chennai.

Enlargement in technology played very vital role in the augmentation of the electric appliances. Electricity or power as more or less all our electronic. We cannot envision a day devoid of having electricity. It has turn out to be an important aspect of human life. Inverter is an piece of equipment which can be used to renovate direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). This device can be used in the region of the house to invert the up to date of domestic.

UPS provides power to appliances when the main influence fails. It has a endorsement which is an electrical backup. A UPS is a focused device with an inverter and battery to make certain that your electric and electronic devices are connected to it to occupation during a power cut or failure.

UPS services and UPS accessories both can be availed at cost effective rates if searched through the internet. When it comes to the major utilities either in a home or in a business, electricity and power can be a major concern, particularly in terms of cost and also have all kinds of batteries, inverters and UPS according to the consumer belief with the good assurance of the products.

Here are two types of power inverters, the external DC/AC inverter and the DC/DC converter. The first type of inverter converts DC power to AC current. The DC current usually comes from a power source such as solar panels or battery cells. The electricity can be of any voltage. Most of today’s power inverters and converters come with some standard features. When shopping for a power inverter, make sure that the one you choose have at least a few of the following features to ensure that you purchase a high quality and functioning product.

We are one of the Dealers of best inverters ups stabilizers and batteries sales in Chennai . Our batteries for Two wheeler and Four wheeler includes most of the top brands such as AMARON,EXIDE, SF-SONIC,TATA GREEN. We also deal Power Supplies UPS, Inverters that contain SUKAM, MICROTEK and LUMINOUS. Digital Power Controllers is the brainchild of a few young and enthusiastic technocrats.

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