Buy Yourself An Lcd Tv From The Terrific Range Of Samsung Lcd Tvs And You Will Absolutely Love It !.

Samsung has always pleased its viewers. Their screens whether it be the Samsung LCD TVs or the LCD Monitors and even the display of their mobile phones – they have always been second to none. Samsung LCD TVs have always been realistically priced and indeed many of their true competitors are seriously more expensive..

Samsung can offer a high resolution and good contrast ratio. Samsung being the largest manufacturer of TFT LCDs in the world can provide that quality at affordable prices. The image rendering engine found in the Samsung LCD TVs is Samsung’s Digital Natual Image Engine. This eliminates noise while boosting contrasts and sharpening edges on fast moving images. The audio quality is always good.

The Samsung customer satisfaction team are always there to solve your problems. But hope you won’t need them!

A little bit about the technical terms which could save you a fortune. There are two standards –

HD Ready – This is the lowest HD standard. An indicator that the tv is capable of the lowest high resolution standard. This is also commonly referred to as 720p as it provides a screen picture which is 1280?720 pixels (that is, the height of the image is 720 pixels).

Full HD – Provides a higher resolution standard than 720p. This can be either 1080i or 1080p. 1080p – is regarded as Full HD. In this case, the image is 1920?1080 pixels. You may also see 1080i, this means “interlaced”.

Don’t be fooled by people saying you must get 1080p. Many viewers say that if your TV is less than 60″ in size and if you sit at least 10 feet from the screen, 1080p won’t give you any perceptible difference in picture quality.
For a 40″ TV in a living room, 1080p just isn’t worth it, Besides, a good solid 720p set with a nice contrast ratio (like the Samsung can give) will look better than a cheaply made 1080p set any day.

Another tip – which could save you an vast amount of money. Be careful – many online sites selling cheap LCDs, Plasmas, electronics many times are NOT authorized dealers of what they are selling, so most manufacturers will NOT honour the warranty – period. And, if they offer their own warranty, you had better hope the little guy is still in business when you need them and they actually do something about it.